I am skipping the housework

I didn’t sleep well last night so made Crochet Widower take The Hellions to school and had a lie in. Monday is usually my “big clean” but I am leaving it ’til tomorrow, if you know me at all you know that is kind of a big deal, but for good reason. Some of you may remember that I vowed never to do another craft fair again, I just can’t compete with the hobbyists who are “just doing it to keep busy”, I need to make a living and once insurance, stall fee, and materials are taken in to account making a loss on a craft fair really hits hard. Well this year I have two craft fairs, I decided that I was going to try again but only fairs that specifically asked for insurance, that way the hobbyists will be put off and I can compete. So this year there are two fairs I am attending

26th of November

Forever Hounds Trust

At Archers Brook School, Great Sutton, CH66 2NA

11.00 – 14.00




1st and 2nd of December

Etsy Local

at The People’s History Museum, Manchester, M3 3ER

10.00 – 17.00


Because of these fairs I have needed to build some stock, I will be taking Roit bears 


and Inchoate (both kits and finished items)


So mostly I have been working on Inchoate hoodies for the last few weeks concentrating on Christmas. But I have not stopped designing and have been working on the next set, the Halloween set, so far I have Mandrake and pumpkin ready to go


with the third being finished later this week. If all goes well at the end of this year I will be looking in to doing a craft fair every month or two, but for now I must crack on and finish this batch of reindeer today.





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