Five Is The Magic Number.

I really struggle making more than five on one thing, I once made twenty babies for a baby shower and i couldn’t crochet for hours after.


If you have been a friend for a while you will notice that, when I am working on a blanket of afghan, I will leave it in a bag behind the couch for quite some time. These blankets claimed by The Hellions took two years to make.

Once I can do a thing without thinking (or muttering) I get disinterested and itchy for a challenge.

Imagine, if you will, how the last couple of weeks have gone for me making stock for craft fairs, The Riot bears and Inchoate were not too bad as I would make one of each rather than all the Bears or Inchoate in one batch, but the I decided Inchoate’s hoodies needed to be made five at a time of each design. So I made five Elves


and that wasn’t so bad, I got through one and a half a day a day, then I moved on to Reindeer


It must be the antlers because I really struggled to get one a day made, by now I am loosing the will to crochet but I only have Snowmen left

WM Snowman
Inchoate Snowman


and I have run out of yarn, I need some for Reindeer kits, and a lot of white, I have only managed three hoodies, I still need to make their hats and buttons, I will be moving on to Baby Bunnies and Baby Bears


I think I’ll carry on until the yarn runs out on those. Wish me luck, I have just under eight weeks until the Forever Hounds Trust fair and as I haven’t done a fair before and I have never done one without a friend along I am a little nervous (don’t tell any one) I also have a new card, untested, card reader, so at the very least I shall provide entertainment as I try to make the infernal contraption function as it should.



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