The Opposite

I am not a fan of “dust if you must…” and “Real mums…”, we are all different and all have different priorities, I have to have the house clean and tidy before I can start work (which is why no work gets done in teh school holidays) but my rule for The Hellions “make as much mess as you like as long as you tidy up after” (this does not actually happen but we are working on it), so I am in-between the poems (or what ever you’d call them) like most people. Saying that I do have something to say on the matter, and other matters I see in social media.

The opposite of dirty is not tidy: really if your yarn is all over the floor but the floor was cleaned recently it will not kill you unless you get tangles and trip. If the kids spread Lego all over the floor it is not unhygienic to kick a path clear to get at the kitchen.

The opposite of busy is not lazy: I have read “stop the glorification of busy” all over the place and I agree. OK if you google the opposite of busy lazy is in there, but so is free. I freely admit that I can not sit and not have something to do with my hands, but if you are capable of sitting and doing nothing, not even thinking, then good, do it as often as you can manage. You do not need to be rushed off your feet to be a good person.

The opposite of social is not boring: This can be hard to understand from both ends of the scale but some people do not feel happy and relaxed in a social situation, and that’s OK, but similarly some people do not feel happy and relaxed when not surrounded by people, and that’s OK too. You do not need to be like everyone else, and you are not unique enough that you are the only person with your tastes.

The opposite of mum is not dad: I get equally annoyed at people saying “are you babysitting?” to the child’s father as I do at “single dad learned how to style daughter’s hair”. Yes dad’s look after their kids all the time, it’s what they are for, and assuming they are useless at it is insulting, but so is bringing out the bunting and cake when a dad does the same things as a mum (unless I am getting cake too) when the mum wouldn’t even get a second glance.

The opposite of educated is not stupid: Really, it’s not, is a person have never been told something how can they know it? OK there are some people who just know their specialist subject and there are people for whom information just won’t stick but anyone willing to learn are never stupid.

The opposite of loud IS suspicious: OK this may just be in my house (I know it’s not). You see The Clone have a mobile phone of her own now, so is allowed to go further from our house than ever before, she is calling for school friends that live streets away, she is playing on a park that is out of shouting distance, SHE IS TAKING GEEK GIRL WITH HER (now and again), and I am a wreck, the house has never been quiet for so long at a time, and just as I am getting to the point of texting her just to check in, she stomps in slamming doors with half of her school class following her.




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