Upstaged Again

As you will already now I am rather a fan of Halloween and playing dress up (I am not mature enough to call it cosplay), there have been some spectacular years, and some not so much, but the thing that has stood out for the last 15 or so years is that Crochet Widower is evil, I mean I really hate him in October, I plan and plan, and usually take a year to perfect my costume, Crochet Widower has an idea two weeks before our night out.


I mean really, I made a corset, I used glitter glue on the leaves, I hand stitch leaves to my corset, I GLUED SILVER LEAVES TO MY FACE, I used a wig to add to another wig, this outfit took a year, Crichet Widower spent three weeks and people are STILL talking about his Hellboy.


I crocheted a top hat, I crocheted a cat tail (that you can’t see) I mutilated an Easter headband or the bunny ears (again you’ll have to take my word for it), made ANOTHER corset, I was awesome as Malice In Wonderland, but look at that Mad Hatter, TWO weeks!!!!!


I think I reused the Malice corset, but I did alter a jacket pattern to make a full length coat, and spent weeks sewing, OK Crochet Widower DID take about teh same time but Baby Bro just showed up in his usual clothes and and a Snoopy I made and called himself Charley Brown.


I bought this corset (not all of my costumes need a corset, honest), but I did spend weeks filing false nails in to points and gluing them to a tissue/latex combo, Grue spent two days making a nose, he even asked me to crochet a scarf at the last min (did I mention I hate him in October?) The other lady is Steph, she is also cosplay mental, and always looks amazing (I hate her in October too)



This was literally thought up last week, OK it is the role he was built to play, but Bob shrugging at everything all night was annoying but worse was the hoard of adoring fans, people asking for selfies, and just generally being recognized really got on my nerves. I mean…


…I looked GOOOOOD…


…really good, look at my eye fishes. I know I looked amazing, I know I nailed it, yet, no one knew who I was, not one person, months of planning, an Ebay jacket that smelled very heavily of some horrid perfume and had to live in the back yard for three weeks (and still stank) , cutting out fishes and butterflies and gluing them together with wire in the middle, all of that and NO ONE KNEW WHO I WAS. Oh well there is always next year and I could use this costume at comicon and be recognized (I am also forcing Crochet Widower to plan a costume in advance).







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