Questions, Questions.

This week two important question presented themselves to me.



Why don’t people sing Happy Birthday on TV. This question starts with an explanation that, for the most part, I watch US TV more than UK so a lot of questions arise that are simply cultural and The Question of Happy Birthday was pegged as cultural for years, I simply hadn’t noticed it missing from UK TV.

The other day while The Hellions were forcing me to watch iCarly Carly said “Lets sing a generic celebration song”, it had been acknowledged, it was not cultural, there was a tangible reason. So with Inchoate clothing to make I hit the google, I hit the google hard.

I found out that the copyright Happy Birthday was thought to be owned by Warner Chappell Music, but, as it turns out the original copyright that was filled by  Clayton F Summy Co in 1935 applied to a specific arrangement of the song, not the tune itself or the lyrics, all of this was decided in teh US Supreme Court in September 2015.

With this in mind I am now expecting Happy Birthday to be sang on my TV everyday.



On Thursday while waiting for the school bell one of the children pointed out a rainbow, his mum said “don’t point at a rainbow it’ll disappear.”  So how does that even science? I mean Really how does pointing at refracted light make it stop refracting? And yes I did mostly shout all of that at the mum (good job she likes me), this is when I pointed at the rainbow AND IT VANISHED!!!!!!!! WTH?????? WITCH CRAFT i TELL YAE, IT’S WITCHCRAFT.

This really messed with my head, I mean it’s light, how does that work? Well I found out. It’s like when you get your eyes stuck and everything goes blurry, your brain screen doesn’t get a chance to refresh the image so it focuses, when you point at the rainbow you are looking at it for too long without moving your eyes to refresh the image, the rainbow blurs and vanishes sooner that teh surrounding trees or buildings or what have you because it is ethereal to start with. I am informed by the Internets that is works with a photo too.





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