What It Takes…

… to sell at a craft fair.

This will be the second time I have sworn off craft fairs then changed my mind “just to see”, this time I think I know what the problem was, hats and scarves do not sell well, and do not do craft fairs that do not insist on insurance I can not compete with the “Just doing it to keep busy” crowd.

So what exactly do you need to do to sell at a craft fair?

You need to find a fair to start with, This year I have two;

Forever Hounds Trust Christmas Fair.

at Archers Brook School, Chester Road, Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port.

on 26 November at 10:00–15:00

Now, when I do a charity event I am generally not as disappointed if I don’t do well, even if I don’t break even I have given the stall fee to charity so at least there is that.


The second fair is an Etsy Made Local event

at People’s History Museum

Left Bank, Spinningfields, M3 3ER, Manchester.


1 December at 11:00 to 4 December at 16:00
I will be there on the 1st and 2nd, also on the 1st the People’s History Museum are holding a mulled wine event that they have invited us to stay ’til 8pm for.
OK, that’s that sorted, what next?
Insurance, really, really, boring stuff, but should someone trip on my table cloth I’ll be glad I have it. The hard part with insurance is that most insurers don’t have a “crochet” section so there is a lot of phoning to make sure you have picked the right type of insurance.
CE testing is on the list, I really do think it should be a responsibility of fair holders to only allow toys that are CE tested, it is the law that you have to test, it is not difficult or expensive, but a lot of people whether ignorant of teh law or just plain ignorant don’t test (in fact they will insult you be down right nasty if you bring it up).
Stock. How much? Of what? When do I stop?
I make things in 5s, it becomes too muck like hard work past 5. I alternate between “what if I sell out????” and “Will anyone buy any of my crochet goodies????” This is my first craft fair since CE testing, so the first year of toys, all I have is toys. I have;
Riot Bears, One Of A Kind, jointed bears. Unlike most OOAK bears this lot are suitable from birth. It takes two days to make a Riot Bear, how much do you earn in two days?
The Inchoate are coming out to play, with a range of Toys, Hoodies, and kits in Christmas themes have them as a toy or a decoration, that Inchoate is an anthropomorphic personification for everyone. I can make an Inchoate and one hoodie in a 6 hour day, just.
And Baby Bunnies, I had actually forgot about these, I CE tested them at the very start of my journey then got all caught up in Riot Bear alterations and Inchoate inception. Dinky and quick a Baby Bunny can be made in three hours.
Lastly there is table set up, I am doing that this week, not too much that it is hard to see what is being sold but not so little that it looks sparse, so you know no presser there then. I am really bad at this bit, my sense of aesthetics is, quite frankly, appalling.

but I am getting better.

This next two weeks will be mostly spent panicking, but there is nothing unique about that, until you find the fair for you and your best sellers I am sure everyone is the same, like the first day of a new job, but it stretches out.


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