Silver Linings

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you will now by now that Saturday’s craft fair was not what I was… em… expecting. A friend told me about the fair and as it was for an animal charity I thought it would be a nice warm up for the Etsy Local Event in The People’s History Museum. Because I can not compete with “Doing it to keep busy” and “I just want to fund my hobby” I checked and double checked that it wasn’t going to be full of hobbyists, that sort of situation is like comparing the pound shop with a supermarket, the pound shop is ace for loo roll, cleaning shiz, hair bobbles, and little treats for the kids, but you wouldn’t go looking for a microwave in there.

So I checked and double checked, I was confidant that being asked for my insurance details meant that everyone would be professional crafters and that the people attracted to the event would be expecting professional prices. Well I was wrong, so very wrong, it seems that only one of the organizers was insisting on insurance and that she backed out (without telling me) because it was only her. Another of the organizers was also selling her own crochet toys, without insurance, and without CE testing, in fact there were five other soft toy sellers, non of which were CE tested. Since Insurance, and CE testing are a legal requirement to sell toys never mind registering your business with HMRC (even if you are just doing it to keep busy) this was the sort of craft fair I did not want to do as it does not attract my customers.

To further hit my confidence, it has been two years since my last craft fair, people were not even looking at my stall as they walked passt


Look at it, THAT is eye catching that is. There were a couple of “OMWW THAT IS CUTE” looks that made my day (one silver lining right there) but there were a lot more sneers, well not actually THAT many due to the very low foot fall, other than volunteers and stall holders if the customers got much higher than double figures I’d be impressed. I did make one sale (another one), though it was the mother of the organizer with her own stall who also had her own stall (nepotism at it’s best), she made a huge show about asking her great grand child which bear she would like, then when it came to paying said “Six Pounds is it?” when I corrected her that it is £26 she gasped and made a horrified face


I am not missing something am I? as the price stands I am making less than £4 an hour. I feel that she was well aware of teh price and just wanted to try her look (she was that dramatic), she bought the bear and with stall fees, petrol, and time that bear brought in 30p an hour. I later found out that the bear had been put in the raffle, you know after a huge fuss being made about the great grand child picking the one she wanted, silver lining number three, the lady who won it loves it, we had chatted earlier about crochet, she is working on a blanket and is now at the stage where a round is taking hours, but I believe she can do it, after she left I had Dory stuck in my head “just keep hooking, just keep hooking”, I amuse myself like that.

So I got home and was angry and upset, found out about the raffle and got more angry but also happy that the lady loves the bear (Emotions are confusing aren’t they) and then I saw a post in the Facebook group for Etsy Manchester, this was about the Etsy Made Local event , there was an article in the Manchester Evening News (rather a big deal), while they did manage to get the start time wrong (We open at 11 am on Thursday 1 st) the article was rather encouraging and not only was I mentioned by name (big deal, there are sixty ish of us over the four days and they only named nine) I was referred to a “Crochet queen Itchy Crochet”, this is the biggest silver lining of the day. As I am not officially a queen not only will I have bells in my hair, and my coloured hair on I will be sporting a tiara, one has to look their best when one is royalty you know, come along and say “Hi” and check out the other crafters.






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