Christmas 2017

No I did not get the date wrong, yes I may have lost my mind.

This tale of terror started on Thursday when I met Things By Us and Gissys Gifts at the Etsy Local Event In The People’s History Museum (they have ROBOT sinks, they do all the stiff on their own), I had an amazing time, everyone was smiley and happy, my neighbors were slightly mad (just how I like them) and the “awww cute” faces were in abundance. I bought a burger tea towel from Things By Us


and Punpkin Cat from Gizzys Gifts,


and generally spent two days laughing and smiling.

So (I say that a lot don’t I) the fun and slightly insane conversations we had over the two days have resulted in some ideas, some very odd ideas most of which are for NEXT Christmas. I have officially decided to CE test the Nativity, Snowmen, and the like.

There will be some working out to be done with the eyes as I use E beads and they probably won’t pass the tests, but I have a while for that. There are also grand plans for an Advent calendar with a small project every day, there are yarn calendars out there but they are a small amount of yarn with no real purpose, this has resulted in implementation of my super power of GOOGLE looking for empty calendars wholesale, not that I have projects to put in them, or that I even know how big the draws are going to need to be, but you know, think ahead.

Now this one is a “when it happens” kind of idea, meaning it’s not for Christmas and probably won’t take so long to implement, but I will be changing the Riot Bears.

OK (I say that a lot too) just their faces, I have never been happy with their faces, I am not good at the stitching  part of any project and I don’t think I get their noses right so I will be working on an all in one bear head, there are currently two bears in my Etsy store  and one in Peacock that I will be listing in the week and that is it, I will not be making any more in this head design, it annoys me that this ill have been a run of 11 bears not ten or 20 or you know a good round number but now my brain won’t let go of the new design.

In the space between now and the new year I will be working on personal projects and some hats for The Big Issue Big Knit but in the new year the last change I will be making (Ye, right Itchy) is that I will be back on Instagram and trying to get a handle in hash tags (again) I will probably still have a blog post or two this year but don’t panic if I am quiet for a bit.




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