I Do This Every Year

I am now only working on personal projects until the new year (or until I get itchy for one of the new patterns in my head). In teh last week I have used 2mm KNITTING NEEDLES

2016-12-17 15.29.45.jpg


This was for a teeny, took a day, test knit and I’ll tell you all about it when the pattern is published and I can. Then I used my 20mm knitting needles (wow, knitting twice in a row)



I had bought some different coloured yarns for Geek Girls scoodie in the hopes that I would not have to pay 6 times as much for two extra balls because I had bought all of the purple/green that my LYS had in stock, so I decided to knit a scarf (I’ll not be crocheting with it EVER). As usual I cast on too many stitches so have a shawl instead of a scarf but it does look rather fetching on these two.

2016-12-18 13.26.43-1.jpg

I have just started on some new coasters, the old ones are quite frankly minging , but I plan on reviewing a pattern for these (I know “why didn’t you just design your own?” because I am lazy, that’s why). I will also be making a basket for The Hellions hair accessories because the melted record I use is not big enough these days.

On the topic of pattern reviews, I have decided that my current style of review is boring so I will be adding reviews to my usual Monday post, I will be doing the same with How Tos. I am not sure about the stituary posts but I do know I will be carrying on with them but the format will change. There are exciting thing happening in the next year, with two sweater patterns, a scarf (not that fluffy monstrosity), and lots more Inchoate goodies. Stick around, it could be fun.



P.S 2 days to my birthday, follow me on Facebook for a pattern offer on Wednesday.


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