Eat, Sleep, Love

I have been ill for a week, I have been told it could last another two weeks, I am rubbish at being ill. I have not got much of anything done in the last week, for three days I was too weak to crochet and was sleeping for fourteen hours a day, then The Clone got it and was off school for two days (then I had the weekend to contend with) so Thursday and Friday were spent watching The Big Bang Theory with The Clone. I know a lot of people wouldn’t let their kids watch TBBT but at nine years old The Clone can recognize that mummy is Sheldon and notices the adult jokes, some of them prompt questions, questions that most kids ask eventually and I would rather she ask me that school friends (We all remember at least one myth that was so far off the mark it didn’t know there was a mark). So we had lots of alcohol responsibility discussions, sex, love, and self respect were talked about (thanks Howard), and why you shouldn’t build a nuclear bomb in your kitchen (that will probably have to be repeated with Geek Girl next week).

Speaking of Geek Girl, we were eating tea as a family as is usual around here (when Crochet Widower is not at work any way) and Geek Girl  looked despondent so I asked if she was OK , it turns out that she was sad because she wanted to keep eating but she was full, poor little foodie, but it is nice to know she knows her limits, The Clone will eat until she’s ill. In other food related news (is it news?) My food has been giving me mixed signals all week and I was particularly looking forward to ham and mushroom tagliatelle that I then couldn’t eat because everything tastes like snot, this is only the second time in my forty years of life that ham and mushroom tag has been left, I was also sad that day.

I also feel FB is giving me mixed signals when it comes to food as well


So, we have had sleep (fourteen hours of it), and eat (or the lack of it), what is love. Love is playing dolls with The Hellions


He does have more patience for dolls than I do.

and being a good uncle



Baby Bro’s hair actually matches the bow so I don’t know what teh face was all about, and DOGta Donna thinks he looks loverly.

I should have more crochet for you next week, on this the new blog day of Tuesday.





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