Arts and Crafts

I just have to seam the tunisian crochet top now so I’ll be telling you all about it next week, but for now I would like your opinion.

As you know, if you have been around for a while, I am a procrastinator, I do not make decisions quickly, and I have a giant list of patterns to write along with crochet for friends and patterns I wish to follow, well there are two sweaters on my list that I simply can not choose between.


It won’t actually be see through, but I have no drawing skills so had to print off ladies posing in a fashionable style. This one is mostly a rectangle with layered sleeves (so it looks like two sweaters, it will either have stripes, one solid one self striping, or contrasting sleeves, this will depend on the yarn I eventually decide on, it is intended to have lots of ease and be very “lagenlook”


This one will have a little ease but not as much as the last one, it will be of a “corner to corner” construction and seamed from the hips up, I am thinking of working one in a solid colour and one in self striping for variation purposes.

Which would you like to see first?

While I wait for someone to decide for me I will be working on a couple of new Inchoate patterns, I have also started to build quite a list of tunisian crochet patterns to make.




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