Tunisian Tunic

This is a trial run of the new format for reviews, to stop them being so dry and “itchy” them up a bit.

Last week; I asked you to make a decision for me and every one decided that my next sweater pattern should be the badly drawn corner to corner asymmetrical number so I am just trying to decide on a yarn for that one.


I decided to jump on the bandwagon and make diet cola chicken, it was… well… a let down, don’t get me wrong it was edible and not even a little odd, but it was not even a little odd, it was boring and not as all singing all dancing amazing as people seem to think. I’ll stick to using instant mash as “bread crumbs”.

The Clone, who was off school for two and a half days, says the middle one looks like a fairy who flew head first in to a bush, just the look I was going for.

So, lets talk Tunisian crochet. For my birthday The Orical gave me a set of Knit Pro Symphony interchangeable hooks, MIL gave me Universal Gift Tokens (money), so I combined the two and bought

The Tunisian Lace Tunic Pattern

By Mary Beth Temple, available in Vogue Knitting for $6.


I love it, I’m wearing it now actually. So this was my first ever tunisian pattern and I was rather pleased with how easy it was to follow, I was expecting to get confused with forwards and backs and the like but the instructions were nicely laid out to avoid confusion (which was a real option over here). I used my bust measurement to decide on the size and feel that the pattern was written for someone aver 5″2 as the sleeves seem longer than they need to be, but since few people out there have such ample busts and such a short body I can’t really expect patterns to be written for my shape (not even mine to be honest), and I quite like longer sleeves.

Geek Girl told me it was lovely and stroked me for a while, this means nothing much as she’d do that if I was in a hessian sack. The Clone said “Well it’s not like the clothes you usually ware”, when pushed this means it is not very “hippy”, I shall have to school that child a little better in the ways of the hippy. All in all my first ever tunisian pattern adventure went very well indeed, and I now have a growing list.

I used

Araucania Botany Lace

That I bough in the sale so only paid about £6 for.


Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo in my excitement to get working. Now usually I don’t buy the more luxury yarns for myself, it’s a problem I have, with my self assurance and confidence you’d think I would decide I’m worth it wouldn’t you. Any way this yarn comes in a hank so I felt all special from the start. THEN I tried to wind the blasted stuff without a swift (One is on the “to buy list”) this is the most knotty yarn in the world, really it knots just by looking at it, but it knots in an odd way. It doesn’t do the usual felting wool knot where the problem is grabby fibers, we are talking actual knots of strands tied together, it took three days to wind (why is wind spelt the same as the weather wind????) 1640m, pah. Even when it was in cakes, neatly wound, IT KNOTTED UP.

If you are prepared for the knots, then this is actually quite nice to work with, it is lovely and soft and glides nicely over your tension finger without being too slippy and once it is a garment it is lovely and special and, even with all of the holes, rather warm.

So there you go, new review format, what do you think?


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