Time For Tea

Last week The Orical came to visit and The Clone was off school not actually ill, so, as it her way, The Orical instructed The Clone to brew up, this was the first time she had made a cup of tea, or any hot drink for that matter. I now have a nine year old obsessed with making cups of tea, to the point that the English Breakfast tea bags that are mostly for breakfast need a permanent home next to my Earl Grey, putting milk and sugar in Earl Grey is not to be recommended as it “tastes like petals, blagh”  I did tell her you know, she didn’t listen. This tea obsession coupled with Geek Girls toast addiction means I will never need to make my own snacks again.

See how that leads beautifully in to a pattern review?

Over Christmas I was MAKING (see) coasters (tea link), you see my old ones were, quite frankly, minging. Between The Hellions being kids, Crochet Widower being a scruff, and my drippy teapot they had more caffeine in than then an actual cup of tea. I made them shortly after publishing the Skater Dress pattern five years ago, they did get washed regularly but it all just got too much for the poor things. I decided I wanted something s bit fancier than green circles, made out of leftover dress cotton, so I browsed Ravelry for help.

Now, it does seem to come as a shock when people find out that designers will use a pattern for something as simple as a coaster, quite frankly using my brain to decide when it was big enough and finding an edging that was just right, and even coming up with a way to add colour was beyond me over Christmas, I did not want to use my brain, and why should I when someone else had used their’s first.

I found

Summer Boaters


Amy Le Pelle

2016-12-20 10.23.20.jpg

This is a free pattern, it is nicely written and easy to follow, I was nearly put off because the link does not take you to the specific pattern you are looking for but the blog home page and that is a pet hate of mine, I usually just click right back to my initial search and start again, it may seem like a good idea when you have three patterns and you want folk to see them all at once but eventually (oh you will post more, designing is addictive) you’ll have eighty patterns stretching back six years. Saying that I am really glad I didn’t click back as I love my coasters.

I used some left over DMC Natura Cotton I’m not sure which colours I used, this yarn is available in Hobby Craft for £3.50 but I am sure I bought it in the sale. It is a lovely yarn and not as splitty and some cottons can be, and it soaks up the aftermath of my drippy teapot a treat.





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