Half Term

I love The Hellions, you know this, but I also love my sanity, I can only have one of these things full time. I have just had to stop typing to google “kids horror films” for Geek Girl who has now gone for a nap, like she watched four minutes of a bad telling of Beauty and the Beast.

Last week as all about me however, I have ordered a new tablet with blue tooth key bored for pattern writing, my old tablet is just too old and small and dragging the laptop out for patterns is a PITA. I did finally receive my new hooks, OK I say finally but they arrived super quickly.

2017-02-16 10.45.45-1.jpg

I bought them from Aliexpress for £5.72, they also come in pastel colours .

This was the first time I had ordered anything from Aliexpress and was a bit dubious, but I payed with Paypal so had a safety net, from the date of order it took three week for them to reach me which, with them coming from China, was quite good.

Now, a set of eight crochet hooks for under £6 can’t be good quality can they? actually they can, I am using the 6mm for the (probably) Stephanie Sweater and it is nice to hold, the hook doesn’t wobble around in the handle, the thumb rest is in just the right spot, and it has a solidness that some hooks (even expensive hooks) just don’t seem to have. The only problem is that the size has rubbed off, but since the size has also rubbed off my Knitpro needles and Tunisian hooks I can’t say that’s because of the price.

I also received the yarn for the (probably) Stephanie Sweater from Turkey (nothing like shopping local is there?)


I decided to use Maya Alpaca  that costs £2.41 for 400g. It’s a chunky yarn made with 30% alpaca and 70% acrylic, I really wanted a higher natural fiber content that 30% but decided to risk it for the price and colours. I made the right choice, it is sooo loverly and soft and nice to work with. The only negative point is that it is very loosely spun so if you are beginning your crochet adventure it could be a little tricky to work with. The colour change is lovely and with a center pull sneaks up on you, you are working in green then without knowing it you are on yellow.

2017-02-17 21.30.13.jpg

I am having some issues with Riot bears at the moment. I use Merry Go Round, it comes in 100g balls, with this information you would expect that having 50g left after making a bear you would have enough yarn left for another, well that’s what you’d expect.

2017-02-12 15.07.24.jpg

Not so much, I have managed all but half a head. This has resulted in a dilemma; Do I buy more yarn in the colourways I started in or finish with a similar colourways from my stash? As teh bears are one offs any way it shouldn’t make much of a difference, buuuut it’s not the same, I name them after the yarn.

What is a girl to do?




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